YouTube Vanced v19.03.35 Free Download 2024

With YouTube Vanced, enter into the improved world of video streaming! The official app’s expectations have been surpassed in every way by the enhanced version, offering a seamless ad-free viewing experience.

With 2.6 billion active users each month, YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos online, yet several amazing features are lacking. Here comes the revolutionary platform you have been looking for. You have come to the correct place if you are interested in YouTube Vanced APK.

Let us examine the “YouTube Vanced APK Download” in-depth in this post, including its features, installations and usage instructions, and how it differs from the official YouTube app.

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

All that, the altered version of the main YouTube application is the Vanced YouTube APK. Only to improve the user experience of YouTube, third-party developers made this “Vanced YouTube APK Download”.

You will love this “YouTube Vanced Download App” more because of its several great features. You can take “YouTube Vanced Download” as an official app.

Just another fantastic feature of YouTube Vanced Download APK is the fact that it is totally free to use.

Integrated ad blocking, an Amoled black theme, background playback, and sophisticated swipe control for volume and brightness control are a few of YouTube Vanced APK Download Latest Version’s most significant features.


The ability to bypass commercial segments of the multi-level program is another amazing feature of YouTube Vanced App. The previously concealed feature of the Like-Dislike counter by YouTube is now visible again which is another significant feature.

We will go over each of the capabilities listed above in detail to make things easier for you, along with a few more features that YouTube Vanced Latest Version has to offer. Now let us get going.

Features of YouTube Vanced Mod APK Explanation

Each of the aforementioned characteristics will be discussed in depth in this section. So, it can get simpler for you to comprehend everything before attempting to use “Vanced YouTube Download”.

Use your Personal Google Account to log in to Google Directly

Well, log-in is not compulsory to watch videos on YouTube’s official app, however, it is required only in some conditions like saving it to the list “Watch Later”, liking a video, downloading, history and videos relevant to your interest shown to you. All features come with logging in to your Google Account.

Previously, you were not allowed to have access to your Google Account for a more personalized experience and honestly, those third-party apps had no fun using it. For many viewers, this was a letdown because there were no suggested videos based on the Google account and no videos uploaded by their preferred content providers.

However, this problem has been resolved by “Vanced APK Latest Version 2022”. With YouTube Update, a Google account can be used now. This means, access to all of the channels and recommendations you have subscribed to will be shown to you just like you had on the official app.

MicroG is the compulsory app that comes with Vanced YouTube. The purpose of YouTube Vanced APK 2021 is to give you access to your Google account. Things become effortless. It is not rocket science to use MicroG, it is very simple and easy to use with YouTube Vanced APK 2022.

Built-in Ad Blocker in YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version

Among several features of Vanced YouTube Download APK, this is one the most noteworthy. Originally the inspiration behind the creation of the YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced was this feature.

Let us know if YouTube Vanced not working.

It immediately filters all YouTube advertising, as the name “YouTube Vanced Free Download” implies. Every advertisement, including the ones that play once or twice at the beginning of the video, the ones that show at the conclusion, the ones that play in the background and the ones that show in the middle of the video.

Below the video, there are advertisements as well. Automatically, Vanced App YouTube blocks all of these ads. Not even one toggle needs to be done. It is integrated into the YouTube Vanced settings.

One excellent technique to improve user experience is to block advertising. Thus you can view anything without annoying advertisements interfering. It is possible with the YouTube Vanced alternative.

(PIP) Picture in Picture Mode of YouTube Vanced APK Download 2022

You can navigate to other apps or hit the home button while watching videos in Picture in Picture Mode after the YouTube Vanced App Download. It is the best feature for multitasking. 

While the video on the official YouTube app ends if you navigate to another app or hit the home button. You are bound to the app in order to watch videos.

Fortunately, the YouTube Vanced Latest fixes this. You can play videos in a tiny player using the Vanced YouTube Mod APK and the YouTube Vanced old version. Watching videos in a small window while multitasking on your device, this feature is called Picture in Picture Mode.

Automatically Skip-in Video Sponsored Content in YouTube Vanced APK and YouTube Vanced APK Old Version

In addition to advertisements, Sponsored content is also a factor in ruining your video-watching experience. After the YouTube Vanced Black APK download, you can bypass all the sponsored content that appears during the video and go straight to the main media.

Manual setup is not even required and this is the nicest aspect of Vanced YouTube Latest Version. Various options of the version “YouTube Vanced Black Theme are selectable to choose which portions of the sponsored video you are allowing and which ones are not. 

Among the sponsored content are the following

  • Sponsor
  • Self-promotion/unpaid
  • Special Access
  • Reminder for Interaction (Subscribe)
  • Emphasize
  • Intermission/Foreword Illustration
  • Credits and Endcards
  • An overview or recap
  • Comedic asides and jokes
  • Section Without Music

You have the option to manually skip any portion of the content or to have the sponsored section automatically skipped in the YouTube Vanced Latest APK.

Play Videos in the Background in the YouTube Vanced New Version

When the official app of YouTube is closed or switched then it is not possible to play the videos in the background. With the help of the background play videos function you are allowed to play videos in the background. It comes in handy when you are listening to music.

This function not only lets you play the videos in the background while switching through other apps instead you can lock the screen and still videos will not stop. It is perfect for listening to songs, tunes, etc. It is made possible with YouTube Vanced Github and Vanced Youtube app.

Simple Swipe Controls for Volume and Brightness in the YouTube Vanced Domain_10

The gestures you can do on the official app while watching videos are swiping down and swiping up to change the orientation between landscape and portrait, swiping left or right on the timer line or double tapping on the half screen left or right to forward or backwards the video in the official app.

However, YouTube Music Vanced APK takes this to the next level by adding two additional gestures as well. To adjust the brightness, you can simply swipe down or up on the video’s half-left side. Adjusting the volume can be done through YouTube Vanced Manager with the swiping down or up gesture on the video’s half-right side.

We think YouTube can be utilized more effectively by the users with this fantastic feature making it possible. So, do not wait and Download Vanced YouTube.

Check Out The Dislike-Like Counter in Vanced YouTube Music

In a recent upgrade, the official YouTube have removed the like-dislike counter from every video. It does not mean that users can no longer like or dislike any specific video, you can only not see how many people have liked or disliked the video that’s all.

The official YouTube has its reasons for removing the counter. However, according to some users, YouTube should have not done this and to them, it was a clear mistake and a bad idea to conceal the like/dislike count.

With this Vanced YouTube Update, you can still view the counter just like it used to on the official app. To understand the reason why it used to be very important for users is that it allowed them to assess the quality of the video before watching it completely.

YouTube is officially free to use and this is the reason some users in order to become YouTubers and earn from the YouTube partner program upload fake or clickbait content just to get views and have some watch time.

However, the counter would let the users check whether the content is truly about the topic they mentioned in the title or on the thumbnail. Some users might have done fake disliking the videos of a particular YouTuber (Content Provider on the official YouTube platform) in a grudge just to deceive the viewers.

True AMOLED Dark Mode to Conserve Battery Life and Lessen Eye Strain

You will be asked to choose a theme when you install the YouTube Vanced Dark Mode. An AMOLED dark theme will be applied by YouTube Vanced Mod APK latest version throughout the app once the theme is being chosen.
To ease the strain on the eyes and use less energy that is how this YouTube Vanced Amoled theme is being designed. So, watch numerous films and videos without getting tired. Go for the YouTube Vanced Mod APK download.

A Few Cool Extra Features Of The YouTube Vanced Latest APK Download

There are further additional features in YouTube Vanced Latest Version Download. Getting the Vanced Download APK new version will let you become familiar with all of its capabilities once you use it on your own.

Choose Any Quality as the Default Video Resolution 

You may now establish a fixed video quality for each and every video with this functionality. For instance, Once the default video playing resolution is set to 1080p then all the videos you watch will play in 1080p by default unless you change it manually.

This feature is in all the versions Vanced YouTube, YouTube Vanced Music and Vanced YouTube Music APK.

In case you wonder what if 1080p resolution is not available for some specific video then what? Then the media will play in a lower resolution like 720p or if a higher resolution is available then it will play in that resolution like 2K or 4K.

The official app of YouTube does not come with this capability out of the box. The video quality must be manually adjusted to your preferred setting unlike Vanced Latest update.

For outdated devices, use VP9 or H.264 as the override-coded alternatives

Compared to new devices, certain videos on older devices appear far worse. This occurs as a result of the outdated devices using outdated codec versions.

Viewing videos on such outdated devices has somewhat worse quality than on newer models. For older devices, you may also activate this option to require H.264 or VP9. In order for them to produce high-quality videos.

Modify the Video Playback Speed by Default in Latest YouTube Vanced And YouTube Vanced Music APK

You can fix the speed of the video playback by default. Sometimes the user needs a video to watch it at a faster speed just to get the specific info he/she is looking for. This functionality allows the users to play the media content at a predetermined speed to set the speed and you no longer need to change it manually. 

Now this feature was never introduced in the official YouTube app. Playback speed adjustments must be made manually unlike Vanced YouTube Latest APK or simply update YouTube Vanced you already have.

How to Install YouTube Vanced and Download the YouTube Vanced APK or Latest Version of YouTube Vanced?

The procedure for installing New Vanced YouTube is easy to follow and the procedure of Vanced YouTube app download is also very easy.

Step 1: The Vanced Manager APK file must first be downloaded from our website.

Step 2: You must allow installation from unknown sources on your Android device after downloading the APK file. Following that, you can use your device’s normal method to install the APK.

Step 3: Launch the Vanced Manager once the program has been installed. Download the Micro G and Youtube Vanced apps from the Vanced Manager. With Vanced YouTube, your Google Account will not be able to utilize unless you install the Micro G app.

Step 4: Launch the Micro G application and sign in to your Google account now. YouTube Vanced app can be logged in after you launch it. When the app opens, choose the Google account you just logged into.

Step 5: That is all. Now with Vanced YouTube, you can enjoy the integrated ad blocker and the feature of sponsor blocking

How Do I Utilize the YouTube Vanced APK?

It is the same as using the official Youtube app to use the Youtube Vanced Amoled. The application features an intuitive and simple-to-use interface. Nothing further needs to be done on your end for the “YouTube Vanced APK Mirror” to function for you.

By default, everything you require is already configured. By selecting Profile Picture > Settings > Vanced Settings, you can examine and set other options in Vanced YouTube according to your preference.


In conclusion, the YouTube Vanced APK is a fantastic substitute for the official YouTube app. YouTube Vanced APK Mod actually has a greater feature set than the original YouTube app. We would like to recommend everyone to try an app like YouTube Vanced for once if you are a user of the official YouTube. I am pretty sure that you are going to love this app.

Additional capabilities of YouTube Vanced Uptodown include background playback and ad blocking. The program YouTube Vanced app download old version is safe and secure to use as long as it is downloaded from a reputable source. Because other third-party applications might not be legal to use. 

So, it is advised to download Vanced YouTube APK exclusively from our website. We offer safe files for download as well as regular upgrades for the YouTube Vanced APK.

NOTE for Android Only

We have no connection to the original Vanced YouTube developers, nor are we sponsored by them. Please read the disclaimer for more information. We are not the creators or moderators of the Vanced YouTube app. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or DMCA requests regarding this website.

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