YouTube Premium for iOS Free Download Latest Version 2024

A unique appetizer to a world of uninterrupted enjoyment is provided by YouTube Premium for iOS. Including access to YouTube Originals content, watching videos ad-free and viewing media content offline for viewers. So, now iOS users are not left out.

Your viewing experience will be taken to the next level by YouTube Premium for iOS or YouTube Vanced iOS, whether you are exploring niche hobbies or looking for the hottest trending digital content. It is now accessible by you on iOS smartphones.

It ensures that all of your favourite devices get a smooth access experience with all the features which were only limited to Android users first. So, don’t worry, whether you are an iOS fan, YouTube Premium for iOS got you covered, all the Premium features will be provided for you.

In this article, we will go over what YouTube Premium for iOS and YouTube Pro APK Premium is, what it offers, and the procedure for installing the app on your iOS device. After that your search for YouTube Premium APK 2024 will no longer be needed.

What is YouTube Vanced or YouTube Premium for iOS?

A customized version of the official YouTube app is YouTube Premium for iOS or YouTube Vanced for iOS. The additional benefits and features which are not found in the original app YouTube are intended to be offered. YouTube Premium for iOS and YouTube Premium APK are available for both platform’s users.

So, you don’t need to download and install YouTube Blue Vanced.

Initially, for iOS devices, the app was not available. However,  developers have now built a Vanced YouTube alternative version called YouTube Premium for iOS. This version lets you use the app with its all-good sides.

youtube premium for ios

YouTube Premium for iOS will let you enjoy the features without needing to pay a subscription fee or download Vanced YouTube APK.

The Features of YouTube Premium for iOS

Before we begin the installation procedure, let’s take a short look at YouTube Premium for iOS’s features on iOS. You will find all the features of YouTube Premium APK and YouTube Vanc in the YouTube Premium for iOS. Nothing to be worried about about the left-out features which are not any.

Let us have a brief look at the most famous features of YouTube Premium for iOS (Vanced YouTube for iOS).

Blocking the Ads (YouTube Premium for iOS Setting)

The built-in ad blocker feature is one of the most well-known features of Baixar YouTube Premium APK and YouTube Premium for iOS. The ordinary YouTube app is infamous for its advertisements, which may be extremely frustrating for users.

The ads on the official app were not that much before. However, the quantity of ads to users increased as the use of the app increased from millions to billions over time. Now, not only you will see an ad at the beginning instead you will also be forced to watch twice the ads.

Moreover, in the past, a single ad would appear to you in the middle of the content now you will see several ads. Whether it is before the middle point, the middle point, before the ending or at the ending. This degrades the overall experience of watching YouTube videos.

YouTube Premium for iOS or Baixar YouTube Music Premium APK allows you to block all forms of adverts, such as banner ads, video commercials, and pop-up ads. Because of this feature, you may watch your favourite media content without interruption while also saving time.

Background Play (YouTube Premium for iOS Sponsors Block setting)

Background play is another helpful function of YouTube Premium for iOS. This functionality allows you to use another app on your device of iOS while the videos of YouTube play in the background.

This feature is also available in other alternatives like YouTube Vanced APK Premium 2022, YouTube Premium Gratis APK, YouTube Premium Free APK, YouTube Premium De Graça APK, APK Mod YouTube Music Premium and Music YouTube Premium APK.

This is especially helpful if you enjoy using your phone to multitask. Without any problem, the videos will keep on playing while you use other apps on your iOS device. Mostly useful when you are listening to some music video while you want to work or use another app.

Besides just listening to some music or song in the background, you can listen to the guide or “how to” videos by following the steps. These benefits were only available on paid subscriptions at first but not any more, thanks to the YouTube Premium for iOS app, YouTube Vanced New, YouTube Vanced Pro and YouTube Vanced XDA.

Picture-in-Picture mode

YouTube Premium for iOS and YouTube Vanced without MicroG also includes a picture-in-picture option. While you are performing other operations on your Apple device, this mode displays a small window playing media content.

This window is not sticky. You can adjust it to your liking and move the little window across your Apple device screen. You will find it more fascinating and helpful when you are watching some tutorial videos.

You will be amazed to see how easy it gets when you are watching the tutorial video and applying the guiding steps at the same time.

Override Maximum Resolution

You can bypass the maximum resolution of the official YouTube videos with YouTube Premium for iOS and YouTube Premium Vanced. As a result, you can view movies or any digital content at a better resolution than the standard YouTube app permits.

So, if you own a flagship iOS device with a high-end resolution screen display then this function is quite helpful for you. Because you are not stuck anymore to the old low-resolution videos in this technology era. You will find yourself a step ahead of other streaming enthusiasts.


Moreover, YouTube Premium for iOS and Microg YouTube Vanced APK offers several customizing choices. The application’s theme can be changed, and various functionality can be enabled or disabled. This gives you the option to customize your viewing experience to suit your tastes.

You are unable to do this function on the official app of YouTube for iOS. You will find certain limitations on the official app which is not the case with YouTube Premium for iOS. You can break all the boundaries with this modified app.

How to Download YouTube Premium for iOS app on Apple Devices?

Let us now discuss how to set up the “YouTube Premium for iOS” App on Apple devices.

YouTube++ is the ideal method for using YouTube Premium or Vanced. Similar to YouTube Premium APK, Vanced Manager, YT Vanced, YouTube Venced, YouTube++  is a fantastic app created by independent developers for Android smartphones.

Although YouTube++ lacks the same developers as YouTube Premium APK for Android, it still has all of the capabilities that YouTube Premium APK for Android offers. Background playback, ad blocking and picture-in-picture mode are some of these capabilities. You will not feel left out.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download YouTube++ (YouTube Premium for iOS)

If your Apple device is jailbroken or not, it will be compatible with YouTube++.  If you have not jailbroken your iOS device then this is going to be quite helpful for you. Below, we will talk about the non-jailbroken approach.

The below instructions should be followed regardless of whether your device is typical or jailbroken. The step-by-step procedure of how to download YouTube++ is mentioned.

Even if you want to go for YouTube Vanced new version download, youtube vanced microg apk download, how to update YouTube Vanced, or latest version YouTube Vanced we have covered it all for you.

On your iOS device, the third-party app store has to be installed first. You might consider YouTube++ an official app also available at the Apple app store which is not the case. In such cases, you have to use some third-party app stores.

A few of the top third-party app stores for the Apple devices are listed below.

  1. Cydia
  2. Altstore
  3. Tutu App
  4. Tutubox
  5. Appland
  6. AppEven
  7. Tweakbox
  8. App Valley

Any of these app stores can be downloaded from their official websites by you. Once you have downloaded and installed a third-party app on your iOS device then you can proceed to download and install YouTube++.

Once you download and install a third-party app store, open it. Look for the YouTube++ application then click on install. In the settings of iOS, the App Store must be authorized first. Otherwise, it will not start the installation. After that, you will need to download the YouTube++ app.

The app on your Apple device will be downloaded and installed. After that, just simply launch the app at this point and sign into your Google account.

Solutions for Frequently Occurring Installation Errors

Here are some things to try if you are having trouble installing YouTube++.

First, confirm the connectivity of the internet to your iOS device and work properly.

If the YouTube++ app does not download or install on your iOS device then try another third-party app store from the given list. 

So, you can easily download YouTube++ or download YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version from the app store.

Is Vanced YouTube Safe? (Security and Safety)

When it comes to using third-party programs like YouTube Vanced for iPhone, YouTube Vanced Black and YouTube++ the security of user’s devices is one concern. The usage of these kinds of apps always carries some danger, there are precautions you may take to reduce that risk.

First and foremost, it is necessary to install and download YouTube++ from a reliable source alone. Not all of the links are reliable and available at several websites and forums which lets you download the YouTube++ app.

Only use the official sources to download the third-party app store as stated in our tutorial above. This way the associated risk reduces to Install the app on your iOS device. Whether you download YouTube Vanced Latest APK, download YouTube Vanced Mod APK or just willing to update Vanced YouTube.


To sum up, YouTube++ is a strong and adaptable program that provides several features and advantages not found in the official YouTube app. It is an excellent substitute for the official YouTube app because of its background play, picture-in-picture mode, ad-free, music library, and other awesome features.

However, the fact that YouTube++ is totally free is the best feature of it for iOS users. Make sure you follow the procedure of downloading and installing the app from reputable sources.

Thus, give it a try on YouTube++ for iOS if you want to enhance your YouTube experience. We think you are going to adore it.

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