YouTube Premium APK v19.04.35 Latest Version 2024 (Premium Unlocked)

Why do its primary characteristics distinguish YouTube Premium APK? Because you can savor the ease of offline downloads, say goodbye to advertisements and take advantage of background play. The cherry on top is access to the wide range of premium music on the YouTube library without ads.

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Introduction of YouTube

YouTube is a well-known product offered by Google, one of the most widely used video-sharing platforms. Millions of videos are published on YouTube every day, content can be viewed non stop by users for days at a time.

A vast variety of videos from tech reviews, vloggers, comedians, musicians, experimental content, and so much more can be accessed by users. All these videos are available on a single platform, YouTube.

You can find many videos related to a single topic from different YouTubers. And if we talk about the topics then you will be amazed to find topics that you have never thought about. Whether education, entertainment, guidance, motivation, or something else you will get videos related to anything.

Because of such a wide range of varieties, YouTube has become a part of our daily lives. The fun part and best feature of the app is that it is free. But as we all know when something comes for free then it means it will show ads for sure.

Why ads you may ask. Then it is obvious that if a platform offers such great services to users for free then they would need money to meet the expenses. All that money comes from the advertisers that pay to show their ads on YouTube.

All these ads can not only be seen on the front page of YouTube but also the sidebar as well when you are watching some videos. Moreover, while you start watching a video you will face multiple ads during the stream as well.

These advertisements not only allow Google to meet the expenses but also generate high revenue and some percentage of it is also shared with the content creators on YouTube.

Brief Introduction to YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is an upgraded version of the simple YouTube. The services provided by the Premium version are background playback, no ads, and support for video downloads with high definition. Above all that, giving access to the YouTube library with premium music. Besides that, an enhanced user experience is provided.

However, all these features of YouTube Premium come with $11.99 per month. Well not everyone can pay these monthly fees but they also want to benefit from the features like others. Because of this, those who want all YouTube Premium’s features at no cost can access these features through the YouTube APK Premium.

This post will cover everything you need to know about YouTube Premium, including what it is, how to download the APK and all of its features.

What is YouTube Premium APK 2023?

An altered version of the official YouTube program is YouTube Premium APK Mediafire nothing more than that similar to YouTube vanced. Certain extra features are not available on the official YouTube website.

Let’s explore more details about APK YouTube Premium and see the features offered below regarding YouTube Premium Mod APK.

An Overview of YouTube Premium

A paid subscription program called YouTube Premium gives users access to unique content including YouTube Gaming, YouTube Originals, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music as well as an ad-free streaming experience.

This program with its services was first introduced by the name YouTube Red in 2015. Later on, in 2018, it was rebranded as YouTube Premium. Users who prefer to watch content on YouTube without interruption do like to use YouTube Premium. At the moment, YouTube Premium is offered in more than 102 countries.

YouTube Red had a goal to offer users exclusive and original content on the platform. Until YouTube Red was rebranded as YouTube Premium in 2018 it did not offer the ad-free experience to users. Since then, to enhance the user experience a ton of features offered to premium members with a premium service.

What Makes the YouTube Premium APK Worth Using?

The solution is easy to understand. Subscribing to YouTube Premium has numerous reasons. Having an ad-free user experience is the first reason. Only original content will be served to you while using YouTube Premium without any interruption of ads.

YT Premium’s two more compelling reasons are the features of picture-in-picture and background playback. This allows you to continuously enjoy your favorite media content without ads. When you open other apps, a small window will appear where you may continue to watch media content while switching on the other apps.

YouTube Premium Features | Experience Streaming Without Ads | YouTube Ads Settings or Configuration

The ability to give users the experience of broadcasting without advertisements is one of YouTube Premium’s biggest advantages. The user experience by this functionality is significantly enhanced. 

We are all aware that when advertisements appear in the middle of videos how annoying it feels. At times, at the beginning of the video ads may even show twice, which frustrates viewers and also wastes time.

We are all aware that when advertisements appear in the middle of videos how annoying it feels. At times, at the beginning of the video ads may even show twice, which frustrates viewers and also wastes time.

We all know that ads do let the platform meet the expenses but on the other hand, it is also very irritating for viewers. When a viewer does sit and wants to relax while watching his/her favorite content and a sudden ad pops up it breaks the motion.

Why is it so important? Well, it is very important because when a viewer watches his/her favorite content it makes them fully engage with the story emotionally. And when that emotional attachment with the story breaks or stops in the middle then it truly frustrates the user.

Nobody likes advertisements while getting entertained or else. YouTube not only offers entertaining videos of entertaining but also educational videos, informative videos, knowledge base videos, history-related videos, experimenting videos, news-related streaming, and so much more.

So, everybody is watching content as per their need and while educating themselves if an ad pops up then it will frustrate the viewer for sure. Not only this, you will have to watch one or two ads per video. 

As mentioned above sometimes you are forced to watch two same or different ads at the beginning of the media stuff. However, it does not end here, sometimes you will have to watch 2 to 5 ads in a single video of 10 minutes. It just gives the user a feeling of old times when we had to watch so many ads on the TV just to have a little time for entertainment.

However, it is not the old times TV and we are not forced to watch the whole ad. As time passed things and people also evolved, and life became faster and busier. People have less time for things that they consider unnecessary. 

Considering the fact that most of the time, YouTube does allow users to skip the ad after 5 seconds. Sometimes, you may see an ad that will run for 15 to 30 seconds. But still, people do not want advertisements while enjoying their free time at home.

Playback Offline

You can now enjoy offline playback with YouTube Premium APK. This implies that videos can be downloaded and watched later when the user has time to watch them live on YouTube Premium APK Gratis. Once you download the video, then later on, the downloaded content won’t need an internet connection.

This feature of YouTube Premium Mod APK Mediafıre is beneficial for many users. As all we know there are many places on the planet where people still don’t have internet access yet. There are such places where the internet is available but the connectivity is unstable.

Keeping all those factors in mind YouTube has launched this feature but it costs you. However, YouTube Music Premium APK Mediafıre 2023 allows users to download and watch their favorite content later in their free time without any charges. Consumers who are traveling far from home can enjoy watching videos on the go.

Besides video downloading and the ability to watch it later, YouTube Premium offers the feature of auto-deleting the downloaded videos after 30 days. So, you do not need to worry about the videos to check later which have been watched and then delete them. 

Moreover, users do not need to locate the downloaded videos in the phone gallery when willing to watch. You do not need to waste time searching the downloaded files in the phone storage. All the downloaded files from YouTube are available in the “Downloads” section.

Simply open the app on your mobile phone, tap on the “You” button, and then tap on the “Downloads” button to access your files. All the downloaded files can be found in arranged order with date and time.

With this feature, YouTube allows many users with no internet connection or stable internet connectivity in their homes to have a great time or educate from the platform. It allowed the platform to gain more popularity in the industry.

This feature is available in the free version as well. However, in the free version, you are only allowed to download files with 144p resolution or 360p resolution. In the YouTube Premium app, you are allowed to download videos with high quality up to 720p resolution and 1080p resolution.

Play in the Background while using other apps

Listen to the videos and songs on YouTube Music Premium APK even if you lock your phone by using the background play option. This feature comes in handy when you are willing to listen to songs or tunes and work on the other apps on your device.

Picture-in-Picture Mode | Return YouTube Dislike (RYD) Settings

Users can watch videos in a small window while on their device utilizing other apps as well, this is another helpful feature of YouTube Premium APK and YouTube Premium APK Atualizado 2023 which is called Picture-in-Picture mode. This capability, which works with computers and mobile devices alike, is very helpful for multitasking.

It is very useful when someone is doing some work from instructions given in the video on YouTube. This way you can see the steps and instructions and apply them directly to your task. 

Like DIY, repairing something, finding something, etc. Instructions about using something which might be new to you and you have not worked on it before.

As mentioned above, you can find so many videos related to instructions, steps, how-to and others. Where they tell you how to troubleshoot the problem you are facing, make or create a new thing, repair some stuff, etc. The list goes on, you name it you get it.

Capability to Download High-Definition Videos and View Them Offline

Users can download and watch high-quality (HQ) videos offline through YouTube Premium. High-definition videos can not be downloaded from simple YouTube anymore. The feature is now paid for by the name YouTube Premium. If you want the feature like before it was for free then now you will have to buy a subscription.

On the other hand, you can download movies, videos, music and so much more in the best quality possible if you use the Youtube Premium Grátis APK.

YouTube Music Premium Mod APK

One of the features of YouTube Premium APK Mod is the music streaming service called YouTube Music Premium.

Listening to music on YouTube is not a feature because as you switch to another app it stops. However, Baixar YouTube Premium APK allows you to listen to your favorite music, tunes, etc even if you are switching to other apps. The music will still play in the background.

Moreover, YouTube Music Premium APK Desbloqueado goes one step further by not simply providing the songs instead the only music as well if you are only willing to listen to the music of the song. The music audio files are extracted from every music video ever posted on YouTube Vanced APK Premium. So, simply download YouTube Premium APK.

In simple words, you can enjoy all the music videos in audio form without taking the headache of converting them into audio because of MicroG YouTube Premium APK. Everything has been done for you by the feature. The users who love listening to tunes and music on their mobile phones and PCs truly adore APK YouTube Premium Music.

You get access to millions of albums, playlists and songs through YouTube Premium APK Atualizado without advertisement interruption. In addition, you can make custom playlists, download music for offline listening and receive tailored recommendations to your listening preferences.

The ability to watch YouTube Originals

The access to YouTube Originals and exclusive content has been made possible with only YouTube Premium APK Download. These are excellent films and TV series. These films and TV series are developed by a collaboration between the most famous media content creators and YouTube on the network.

Reality shows, comedies, dramas, and documentaries are all examples of YouTube Original content. A ton of bizarre and amusing things are included in the content as this is not your typical content available on YouTube Premium APK Grátis.

YouTube Originals was only accessible to YouTube Premium users at first. Later on, YouTube declared to give access to users with no subscription to YouTube Premium and YouTube Premium APK MicroG. However, there is a catch, those with no subscription will have to watch ads in the media content.

The benefit of having a Baixar APK YouTube Premium or APK YouTube Premium 2023 is that whether you watch YouTube Originals or conventional videos you will not be forced to watch advertisements.

YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids

Access to YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids is finally possible with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium APK 2023. YouTube had created a separate app specifically designed for children by the name YouTube Kids.

It only shows videos made with kids in mind, which are divided into different categories like Cartoons and Shows, Arts and Crafts, Learning and Hobbies, Toys and Play, etc. Put simply, YouTube Kids provides content that is specifically selected with children in mind, catering to their needs. 

Conversely, Solely hosted videos related to gaming are available in the sub-section of YouTube Mod APK Premium by the name YouTube Gaming. It is designed especially for players to watch and stream live gaming content.

YouTube Premium was the only place to access these two categories but now these are also available for non-YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium APK Vanced users as well. However, users will have to watch ads to watch such content on simple YouTube for free.

How to Install & Download the YouTube Premium APK on Android

The downloading and installation process of the YouTube Premium APK Desbloqueado is quite simple and easy. Let us examine the process step by step.


Since the modified version of the YouTube App is YouTube Music Premium APK Download. Before Downloading the YouTube Music Premium APK Atualizado from any other source keep in mind that all sources might not be secure. 

You could end up downloading some harmful files on your device which might be dangerous regarding leaking your personal information and data instead of YouTube Premium APK 2023 Android and YouTube Music Premium APK Microg.

So, do not just trust any other source for downloading YouTube Music Premium APK Grátis and YouTube Premium APK 2022 Mediafıre. Besides your personal information and data on your device, you might end up corrupting the OS of your device or it could be a virus file which may enter your device. So keep safe and secure from such stuff.
We are the only authorized supplier of the YouTube Premium APK, APK Mod Youtube Premium, Youtube Premium APK IOS, Youtube Music Premium APK IOS And Youtube APK Premium 2023. Which is fully safe and secure from every angle.


How to Download the YouTube Premium APK

Here are the provided steps for downloading these versions YouTube Premium APK, YouTube Music APK Premium And YouTube Music Premium APK Offline.

Note: Before or after installing YouTube Vanced APK, download and install the MicroG file as well. As it allows you to log in to your Google account on YouTube Vanced APK. Click here to download the MicroG APK file. 

Besides the above versions, these are some more versions that have the same procedure to download YouTube Music Premium APK, YouTube Music Premium APK 2022 and YouTube Vanced Music Premium APK.

Step 1: Select the download option offered within the article on this website. It might ask you to wait for 7 seconds then your download of YouTube Music Premium APK Mediafıre will start.

How to Install the YouTube Premium APK

Here is the installation procedure for these versions YouTube Premium APK, Baixar Youtube Music Premium APK, Youtube Music Premium Grátis APK, APK Youtube Premium Gratis, Youtube Vanced Premium APK and Baixar Youtube Premium Mod APK.

Step 2: Locate the downloaded file on your device which can be accessed through 2 ways.

1- You can access the file through your browser by tapping on the downloads option and you will find the file on top.

2- Locate the file by going to “File Manager” on your device. Tap on the downloads folder and here you will find your downloaded file of YouTube Music Premium APK Gratis.

Step 3: Tap on the download file of YouTube Premium APK or Youtube Premium APK 2022, it will ask you to allow “Unknown Source”. Simply tapping on it will lead you to the direct location of the option where you can turn it on.

Or go to your device settings, tap on the apps, locate the browser and tap on it, find the “Unknown Source”, and turn it on.

Step 4: After turning on the “Unknown Source” your installation of YouTube Premium APK or YouTube Premium APK Vanced will automatically start. Wait for a few moments to let it complete the installation process.

Step 5: Once the installation process is complete then you can launch any version of the app like YouTube Premium APK Mod 2023, YouTube Premium APK Download 2023 or YouTube Premium APK Desbloqueado 2022 which you have installed.

Step 6: Enjoy the Youtube Premium APK Antigo or Youtube Premium 2023 APK depending on your interest.

How to Sign Up on YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium gives users a trial of one month for free if they do not want to download and utilize the APK.

Getting started with YouTube Premium is a simple procedure.

Simply visit to get started. Next, select the “Get YouTube Premium” option.

You will be prompted to input your payment details, including your credit card number or PayPal account, on the following screen.

Your free trial will immediately start once you enter your payment details. All the features of YouTube Premium will be in front of you once you get access to a month’s trial time, and then you can determine whether it suits you or not.

Terminate your membership before using YouTube Premium for a one-month trial. If you do not do this then you will be charged $11.99 for next month automatically in order of subscription renewal.

But if you like and choose to keep using the YouTube Premium then you will be billed after the trial month ends.

YouTube Premium Charges

The cost varies according to the nation and plan that you select. YouTube Premium is available in the US for $11.99 a month for an individual plan. Besides “Individual Plan”, if you have more members in a family then you can get a family plan.

Family Plan allows access to up to five members in a family but they must be aged above 13+. The price for a family plan is $22.99. 
Both function flawlessly together, the YouTube Premium or YouTube Premium APK and the YouTube TV or YouTube Premium APK TV Box through the YouTube TV app. YouTube TV and YouTube TV Premium APK live streaming can be enjoyed without ads and all the other premium features with the help of YouTube Premium.


In summary, for individuals who frequently watch videos on YouTube, YouTube Music Premium APK Mod are great programs for them. The user experience is elevated by its access to premium content, ad-free streaming, and offline playback.

Unlike the YouTube Premium subscription which asks you for monthly fees to keep the plan running where YouTube Premium Mod APK 2023, APK YouTube Premium Grátis, YouTube Revanced Premium APK do not require any payments from the users and this is the nicest part of it.

We advise you to enjoy the fantastic features of the Youtube Premium Download APK and then download all the other apps and Youtube Pro APK Premium only from this website.

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